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Business Social Media Marketing: The New Way to Market | Stacey ...

Business social media marketing is a process that encompasses a number of different systems rolled into one. It allows you to create a method of marketing your business socially, rather than using a one sided approach that advertising often requires. With this method of marketing, you communicate with your customers and potential customers on a one on one basis, and that means more opportunities to build a successful customer relationship. As part of your customer relationship management, every business needs to focus on this type of marketing. The process includes a number of different steps.

One of the first steps is to consider your business?s online presence. Every business needs to have some type of presence online, including a website or blog. Customers interact with a business on the web first, before attempting to work with the business in person, even if the customer is local to the business. It is because of this that businesses need to be online. But, just having a website or a blog is not enough. Businesses need to take this process one step further by interacting with customers using the Internet.

Once you have a web presence, the next step is to use it to communicate with those online. A blog, for example, is one type of business social media marketing tool. With a blog, you can easily convey your message about things such as changes in the company or put focus on specific customer related concerns, such as new products, how to use products or why your products are better. This information is then used to help get people to the website. With the use of keywords and search engine optimization, you can better improve your ability to interact with your customers online.

In addition to this, the business needs to become more social. In other words, you need to be using the websites and social media marketing tools available to you where your customers are located. What websites are these? Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are two of the best places to start. With these websites, you interact with potential customers, whether they are people who are looking for your product or service or those who have already purchased your product or service and have something to offer or some input to provide. This opens the door for your business to talk with other businesses.

Taking a step forward, the use of social media like this is not meant to be promotional or sales like. It means interaction with customers but in an informal way that gets customers to open up. You may create a blog post about a new product you offer. Then, you post a link to that blog post on your Facebook page, which draws customers in to your website where they can learn more or buy. Post another link on your Twitter account. Search Twitter for people having the problem you just mentioned and interact with them, offering a clear solution to their problem.

This process may seem completely different from what you are used to using in traditional advertising, but it is one of the most effective methods of advertising today. It is effective because it works. Most of the largest businesses out there are using social media to interact with potential customers. You should be doing this too. Business social media marketing is not expensive or complex to do. You may find it to be a pleasant change from the traditional types of marketing you have used in the past, in fact. Find out how it can work for your needs.

By: Sandy Winslow

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Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse

The Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse ($26 street) is a competent mouse that gives you the ease of Bluetooth connectivity, but its key feature?built-in height adjustment?falls flat. It's similar in size to the Editors' Choice Logitech Couch Mouse M515 ($49.99 direct, 4 stars), and even with its foibles, it still offers a decent Bluetooth mouse for less.

The height adjustment may be misleadingly described, as the adjustability isn't so much a matter of setting the height to your personal preference as it is of choosing between two height settings. The Easy Riser has two positions, raised and lowered. In the lowered position, the mouse has a profile not unlike the Logitech M600 Touch Mouse ($69.99 direct, 4 stars)?a comfortable 1.1 inches off the surface of the desk. In the raised position, the back end raises to 1.3 inches with the mouse buttons and scroll wheel shifting to a slightly steeper angle. The height change is almost entirely in the height of the mouse body, particularly the portion under the heel of the palm, closest to the wrist. For being such a key feature, the height adjustment seems like a non-starter that most will ignore.

The Easy Riser measures 1.1 by 2.2 by 3.7 inches (HWD), though it expands to be 1.3 inches thick when adjusted to its full height. It's also light, weighing a mere 3 ounces, with two AAA batteries contributing to the weight. It's lighter than the 4.6 ounce Couch Mouse M515, but has more corners, thanks to a rectangular design that allows use with either the right or left hand. The squared off shape of the Easy Riser isn't uncomfortable, but it isn't the most ergonomically friendly shape, either. Pair that with the raised wrist position that raising the Easy Riser forces your hand into, and there may be some ergonomic issues with this supposedly ergo-friendly mouse.

The mouse is fairly simple to set up. Pop in the batteries, and power on the mouse using the power switch on the underside of the mouse. On your Bluetooth-equipped PC, go into Devices and Printers and click "Add a Device"?the mouse should appear, ready to pair with your laptop. If it doesn't, simply press the "connect" button on the underside of the mouse. Once you're all paired up, that's it. The beauty of Bluetooth is that there's no cord to bother with, no dongle to lose, and no goofy adapter and charger like the one used with the Razer Mamba (2012) ($129.99 direct, 4 stars). You shouldn't need to reconnect either, even when powering either the laptop or mouse on and off. Once the two are paired, you're all set, and you also get the greater range offered by Bluetooth; up to 30 feet. And, unlike the HP Wi-Fi Touch Mouse X7000 ($59.99 list, 3 stars), the mouse is the normal size and weight.

The Easy Riser is a laser mouse, using a laser optical sensor that tracks at 1600 dpi. While this isn't sensitive enough to satisfy engineers or twitch gamers who demand extreme accuracy in their mice, it's more than sufficient for day to day use in the home or office. The right and left mouse buttons click easily, though they are a bit noisy. The scroll wheel is a bit stiff, and won't provide any sort of inertia scrolling, but it's adequate. It's also clickable, serving as a programmable middle button.

The included software lets you adjust the settings, but it's rudimentary to say the least. The Mouse Settings utility lets you assign a specific action to the middle button, letting you click the scrollwheel to minimize windows, open a few predetermined menus, or you can assign the button with cut, copy, or paste functionality. You can also adjust the speed of vertical scrolling. Most users won't find the utility to be useful, but it's not needed to use the mouse either.

To conserve battery power, the Easy Riser has an automatic sleep mode that kicks in after a few minutes of disuse. Turning it back on is as simple as moving the mouse and waiting a moment for the mouse to respond. The mouse can also be turned off with a switch on the underside of the mouse, and you'll definitely want to turn it off when taking it somewhere in a laptop bag. Another handy feature?the mouse will also pop up a warning when the battery life dips too low, giving you enough notice to pick up new batteries within a few days of the two AAAs dying out.

All in all, the Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse is a decently priced Bluetooth mouse, and for those who find it comfortable, the height adjustment shouldn't be a problem. It's more affordable than the Editors' Choice Logitech Couch Mouse M515, but it just isn't as comfortable. If comfort is a sticking point, you may want to shop around.

Compare the Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse with several other computer mice side by side.

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Appeals board upholds Arctic air permit for Shell

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A tale of two classics: biology vs economics

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Supercomputing the difference between matter and antimatter

ScienceDaily (Mar. 29, 2012) ? An international collaboration of scientists has reported a landmark calculation of the decay process of a kaon into two pions, using breakthrough techniques on some of the world's fastest supercomputers. This is the same subatomic particle decay explored in a 1964 Nobel Prize-winning experiment performed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), which revealed the first experimental evidence of charge-parity (CP) violation -- a lack of symmetry between particles and their corresponding antiparticles that may hold the answer to the question "Why are we made of matter and not antimatter?"

The new research -- reported online in Physical Review Letters March 30, 2012 -- helps nail down the exact process of kaon decay, and is also inspiring the development of a new generation of supercomputers that will allow the next step in this research.

"The present calculation is a major step forward in a new kind of stringent checking of the Standard Model of particle physics -- the theory that describes the fundamental particles of matter and their interactions -- and how it relates to the problem of matter/antimatter asymmetry, one of the most profound questions in science today," said Taku Izubuchi of the RIKEN BNL Research Center and BNL, one of the members of the research team publishing the new findings. "When the universe began, did it start with more particles than antiparticles, or did it begin in a symmetrical way, with equal numbers of particles and antiparticles that, through CP violation or a similar mechanism, ended up with more matter than antimatter?"

Either way, the universe today is composed almost exclusively of matter with virtually no antimatter to be found.

Scientists seeking to understand this asymmetry frequently look for subtle violations in predictions of processes described by the Standard Model. One property of these processes, CP symmetry, can be explored by comparing two particle decays -- the decay of a particle observed directly and the decay of its anti-particle, viewed in mirror reflection. "C" refers to the exchange of a particle and its antiparticle (which is exactly the same but with opposite charge). "P" specifies the mirror reflection of this decay. But as the Nobel Prize-winning experiments showed, the two decays are not always symmetrical: In some cases you end up with extra particles (matter) and CP symmetry is "violated."

Exploring the precise details of the kaon decay process could help elucidate how and why this happens.

Supercomputing the decay process

The new calculation of one aspect of this decay, which required creating unique new computer techniques to use on some of the world's fastest supercomputers, was carried out by physicists from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Edinburgh, the Max-Planck-Institut f?r Physik, the RIKEN BNL Research Center (RBRC), the University of Southampton, and Washington University. The calculation builds upon extensive theoretical studies done since the first 1964 experiment and much more recent experiments done at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory, and at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

The unprecedented accuracy of the measured experimental values -- which incorporate distances as minute as one thousandth of a femtometer (one femtometer is 1/1,000,000,000,000,000th of a meter, the size of the nucleus of a hydrogen atom) -- allowed the collaboration to follow the process in extreme detail: the decay of individual quarks (the subatomic components of many Standard Model particles) and the flitting in and out of existence of other subatomic particles. Viewing the picture from farther away -- a few tenths of a femtometer -- this basic process is obscured by a sea of quark-antiquark pairs and a cloud of the gluons that hold them together. At this distance, the gluons begin to bind the quarks into the observed particles. The last part of the problem is to show the behavior of the quarks as they orbit each other, moving at nearly the speed of light through a swarm formed from gluons and further pairs of quarks and antiquarks, and at last forming the pions of the decay under study.

To "translate" the mathematics needed to describe these interactions into a computational problem required the creation of powerful numerical methods and advances in technology that made possible the present generation of massively parallel supercomputers with peak computational speeds of hundreds of teraflops. (A teraflop computer can perform one million million operations per second).

The actual kaon decay described by the calculation spans distance scales of nearly 18 orders of magnitude, from the shortest distances of one thousandth of a femtometer -- far below the size of an atom, within which one type of quark decays into another -- to the everyday scale of meters over which the decay is observed in the lab. This range is similar to a comparison of the size of a single bacterium and the size of our entire solar system.

The collaboration carried out the computation using the methods of lattice quantum chromodyamics (QCD -- the theory that describes fundamental quark-gluon interactions), in which the decay is "imagined" as taking place within a lattice or grid of space-time points that can be entered into a computer. Then, the quantum fluctuations of the decay are calculated by a statistical method called the "Monte Carlo" method, which provides the most likely of the fluctuations as a result. The calculation required 54 million processor hours on the IBM BlueGene/P supercomputer installed at the Argonne Leadership Class Facility (ALCF) at Argonne National Laboratory. Earlier calculations were also done on Brookhaven's QCDOC (for QCD on a chip) supercomputer, a prototype for IBM's BlueGene series.

This calculation, when compared with predictions from the Standard Model, allows the scientists to determine another remaining unknown quantity important to understanding kaon decay and its relation to CP violation. A direct calculation of this remaining unknown quantity and a higher precision recalculation of the present result will be the focus of future research, requiring even more computing power.

"Fortunately," says co-author Peter Boyle of the University of Edinburgh, "the next generation of IBM supercomputers is being installed over the next few months in many research centers around the world, including the ALCF, the University of Edinburgh, the KEK laboratory in Japan, Brookhaven Lab, and the RBRC."

These new IBM BlueGene/Q machines are expected to have 10 to 20 times the performance of the current machines, Boyle explained. "With this dramatic boost in computing power we can get a more accurate version of the present calculation, and other important details will come within reach," he said. "This is a nice synergy between science and the computer -- the science pushing computer developments and the advanced computers pushing science forward, to the benefit of the science community and also the commercial world."

The calculations were performed under the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) program on the Intrepid BlueGene/P supercomputer in ALCF at Argonne National Laboratory and on the Ds Cluster at Fermi National Laboratory, computer resources of the USQCD Collaboration. Part of the analysis was performed on the Iridis Cluster at the University of Southampton and the DiRAC facility in the UK. The research was supported by DOE's Office of Science, the U.K's Science and Technology Facilities Council, the University of Southampton, and the RIKEN Laboratory in Japan.

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Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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3 Keys To Making Giant Leaps In Web Product Development ...

According to an article written by Robert Hoekman, Jr., user experience specialist, author and principal at there?s nothing wrong with improving an existing design. But if you?re interested in UX design and designing a truly innovative product, listen and read on.

In this 10 minute interview, I talk with Robert about the walk-aways for Web professionals including his thoughts on how to ?stop making problem-solving your end goal. Don?t just solve the problem; solve it in a way that leaves your customers astounded and your competition dumbfounded.? I also talk to him about his heartfelt experiences as a Web professional rock star and his new book entitled ?Big Deal: On Being Famous to Almost No One? that is available as an ebook at

Technology designers shout the famous Einstein quote with the same frequency and urgency that a puppy relieves itself on your favorite rug: ?Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.? But how frequently do they actually achieve this noble ambition? Almost never.

Of course, the problem with Einstein?s quote is not in the words used to craft it, but in its application. Tech designers, almost as a rule, and without even thinking about it, use what they know now as the starting line for their designs. Good design, after all, comes from incremental improvements based on old standards. But there?s a catch: On rare occasions, a disruptive design comes along that establishes a paradigm so far beyond the current that competitors spend the next year with their jaws on the floor, struggling to catch up, and that kind of design doesn?t come from incremental improvement; it comes from an outright assault on the status quo. This is no time to be shy, or tame. If you want a great design, you have to go Samuel Jackson on the thing. ?Part of the problem is that the tech has outpaced our thinking.?

Smartphones, if you?ll recall, were downright awful until the iPhone set the new standard. Prior to that seismic event, the Motorola RAZR was the best-selling cell phone. Using the web on that thing was almost as confounding as making a phone call. The iPhone?s biggest innovation wasn?t in the aesthetic, the hardware, or even the introduction of the app model (though both certainly played a part). Its biggest innovation was its extreme degree of usability, plain and simple. The phone represented an advance in usability significant enough to be considered a re-imagining by customers and the media. The product was so much more usable by all accounts than others on the market that all Apple had to do to make it fly off the shelf was show a disembodied hand using it to do all the same things we struggled with on every other phone. It took the competition well over a year to produce something that even compared.

[As Hoekman points out, the real innovation starts at your 11th idea, not your first.]

Apple?s iOS devices may be among the most advanced pieces of engineering in history, but that isn?t their purpose. Their purpose is to be among the most usable pieces of personal tech in history. iOS is arguably the most approachable computing platform ever invented, and the extreme degree of usability it offers is the reason every parent in America right now has a story about a three-year-old who picked it up and intuited its use. And although Apple is certainly playing catch-up now on a variety of features (such as wireless delta updates, something other phones had for months prior to iOS 5), it set the bar, and that bar has made the company billions of dollars.

The lesson to be learned here: Good design may come from small steps, but important design comes from giant leaps.

So what?s stopping us?

Part of the problem is that the technology, which tech companies have more than proven can now handle impossible things, has outpaced our thinking. We?re still thinking in clicks when the tech is giving us gestures. We?re still tying our users to desktop computers when the tech enables us to go wherever our users go. What will push personal tech into the future now is figuring out how people will use all that computing power. Once and for all, we need to stop making technology usable and start making usable technology. The goal can no longer be merely to improve peoples? experiences with technology; it must now be to use technology to change their experiences in life.

It?s the plainest message, the most explainable scope, the most intuitive usage model, the most appealing aesthetic, and the clearest purpose that compose a design of superior usability. It?s when these things are at their absolute finest and working in concert that a user?s experience is truly great. And it?s the person who becomes giddy in the face of such a challenge that stands the best shot at realizing a product, or even a feature, that matters as much.
?Design criteria help you envision a product that pushes the boundaries.?
If you?re such a person, here are a few mantras to consider tattooing on your forehead:
1. Stop designing solutions

Creating a Flickr knock-off to address users who want to organize photos is a solution. Creating Flickr in the first place? That wasn?t about solving a problem. That was about reinventing the act of photo-sharing to create something that had global reach and could be used by the masses.

Stop making problem-solving your end goal. Don?t just solve the problem; solve it in a way that leaves your customers astounded and your competition dumbfounded.

Achieving this means developing a strong product vision and making sure everyone knows it by heart, and writing up a set of design criteria?specific, actionable guidelines that describe the eventual experience of using the design?that help you envision a product that pushes the boundaries established by your competitors (and likely even yourself). Setting up those criteria isn?t about laying out what you know is possible, but laying out what you want. The proof will be in the execution, of course, but great execution starts here.

2. Start at number 11

Make incremental improvements and you get a design that?s incrementally better; make significant improvements and you get a design that?s important. Never accept the first idea you have?or even the tenth. Start with number 11. Whether done through back-of-the-napkin sketches, wireframes, blueprints, or engineering schematics, keep designing wilder ideas until you?ve reached so far into the abyss you?re not sure the thing is actually possible. Most of the time, it is?you just haven?t yet pushed your team far enough to discover they can accomplish it. Technology is no longer a serious limitation for most products. The only thing stopping you is your desire and willingness to push yourself and your team toward something more extreme than you previously thought possible.

3. Extreme usability is the goal

Usable products are those more convenient than the current alternatives (including your own), which is to say they?re more understandable, more approachable, more accessible, often (but certainly not always) cheaper, and frequently more beautiful. Touchscreens made using the web more convenient than on older smartphones. Contextual virtual keyboards made data entry (an email address, for example) more convenient than on a tactile keyboard. Video streaming made face-to-face meetings more convenient than driving to and from an office. These are not solutions; they?re the product of the pursuit of extreme convenience.

Regardless of whether you aim for advanced technology, make it a priority to aim for advanced usability. Your new end goal should be to design things more usable than anyone has ever imagined?than even you imagined. Don?t bother with anything less.

The best version of the same old thing isn?t the best version of anything. So forget what you know. Design like what you?re doing has never been done before and it?s up to you to become the person who sets the standard.

Look far enough and hard enough, and you just might.


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Ownership: Love's Opposite | SatisfyingRelationships

While the diversity in the couples I work with is immense, one complaint rings true: individuals who describe themselves as loving, trusting and caring complain that their relationships have become strained and devoid of authenticity.

Why is it that good relationships so often fade for couples who claim to love each other as much as ever? Can we want more out of a committed relationship than what we already have?? Why does the transition from being single to being married deliver such a devastating blow to relationships? Ever ask yourself what happened to the person I decided to marry?

These are some of the questions that occupied my mind when I set out to write about the reality of ownership. I wanted to look at the obstacles and anxieties people experience when their quest for security clashes with their own pursuit of long term happiness.

Cultural tradition and the desire to possess another (a misguided sense of ownership of your partner), are at the root of some people?s longing to enter into a committed relationship. Marriage is an integral part of our Houston culture. Sobering statistics show marriages failing at nearly fifty percent, and with the multitude of unhappy marriages in existence, why do people still want to get married so badly? In short, do we marry so we can own the other person?

Ownership is not a metaphor for a satisfying relationship, the topic of ownership speaks its own crazy language. While love and ownership do relate, they also conflict. Love thrives in an atmosphere of reciprocity and benevolence, while ownership needs selfishness, arrogance and narcissism to exist. If you feel that your relationship has become rigid, narrow, and uncomfortable, you will not be able to nurture love, comfort, or stability that you once thought would be a part of your daily life.

After 6 years of studying and countless hours collaborating with renowned psychiatrists and mental health clinicians, I wonder whatever happened to the idea or concept of a ?happy? marriage. Some spouses view marital satisfaction as being able to do what they want, when they want without regard for the other?s comfort. Marriage, unfortunately, can be a mechanism to facilitate the removal of individual choices within relationships. Individual choices disappear when the concept of marriage equates to?ownership. When a marriage becomes so mechanical that one person feels like they have lost their right to authenticity, the submissive one?s fear reduces them to possession status, yes, like the car in the driveway. Freedom to decide what is right or wrong, legitimate or illegitimate is not something that people struggle with when choosing their significant other. I am wondering if you know anyone that has abandoned themselves enough to live in a relationship that has no room for fun or freedom to make choices. A person?s freedom to choose should never be forfeited or abandoned by threats, fear or by forced conformity.

Should a spouse defame themselves by bowing to the will of their significant other out of fear of emotional or financial loss? Individuals who endorse ownership of their partners often make the vast majority of decisions over everything from minor financial to other household matters. My idea of ownership proposes that people act as much from their own accepted ideals as they do from the false sense of power gathered from the submissive partner. The controlling partner typically accepts his/her own thoughts and values as true, and acts as if these ideals are actually what?s best for the other partner, whether it is or not. The partner experiencing the controlling behavior does not enjoy the benefit to freely make choices without experiencing feelings of fear and threats of emotional or financial loss. The concept of ownership is a control mechanism that not only prevents a partner from standing up and confronting the offensive behavior of the other, but instills fear of a violent reprisal. Paradoxically, that same fear keeps the submissive from leaving the relationship.

It is difficult for many to admit they want to possess or ?own? their partner or spouse. The topic of ownership invites concealment and can be described as sharing a cell in marital prison. Ownership leaves an individual with an inconvenience of a peculiar misery and if allowed to grow unchecked, it works like a slow poison to their sense of self and individuality.


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Debt Management Information | American Financial Care for Credit ...

If your folks and you are crippled by debt than you know the stress that may bring to everyone. Many families have been torn apart by the discomfort and frustration of not being able to keep up with bills. It regularly leads to marriage issues and often even divorce.

And with our tough economy, and many of us being made redundant from roles, debt Problems are everywhere. This has helped fuel the foreclosure crisis here and around the globe.

And this real-estate and foreclosure crisis in addition has led on to intense trouble. Back when our homes seemed to worth much more than we owed, we all took out home equity loans for good, and sometimes, not so real reasons. When the real estate market crashed, that all changed. And now we often owe much more than our homes are worth. We are paying dearly for ours and mortgage lender?s mistakes.

And when we could not stay abreast of the bills we often turned to credit cards as a way to get money solely to survive. It all turned into a downward spiral into an abyss of debt and disappointment.

This has all led on to a debt crisis here in The United States. Many , many families and individuals are searching for answers for the best method to get their heads back above water so they can breath routinely again.

So what can you do to escape debt. What options have we got when we just can?t keep up with the bills anymore.

The first thing we want to do is admit we have a problem.

Then we must find help. That help can come in the guise of debt counselling, government help programs, and yes even bankruptcy.

Debt Counselling

There are many debt counselling corporations out there. Sadly not all are legitimate and many are outright swindles. A debtor must use caution. You?ll see advertisements in the paper and on television advertising?

  • Credit Problems? No problem!
  • We will remove bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and bad loans from your credit file forever!
  • We will be able to wipe out your bad credit? 100% guaranteed [*T].
  • Create a new credit identity? Legally.

Watch out when you see these types of headlines they almost certainly are cons. No one can get rid of debt easily.

The best place to find reputable help is through the government agencies The Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Agency. They offer information on what to look out for. Here are their internet sites.

Hillsborough Consumer Protection Agency

It?s good to know you have independent agencies that can provide advice when you're facing a debt crisis in your home.

Executive Help

The US Government offers programs to help consumers who are facing debt Problems. These include programs to help with difficulty making home loan payments and also coping with bank card arrears.

A handy place to begin is /. As it asserts on it?s website?

? is the U.S. Government?s internet site dedicated to teaching all USA citizens the fundamentals about monetary education. Whether or not you are purchasing a home, balancing your check-book, or making an investment in your 401 (k), the resources on can help you maximise your financial decisions. Across the site, you will find important info from 20 Federal agencies and Companies designed to help you make smart finance choices.?

If you are having issues staying abreast of your mortgage visit the government?s Making Home Cheap Program website.

This is an excellent programme for leaving your home gracefully when you can't afford it and avoiding the negative impact of foreclosure.

And who announces our tax dollars are not being spent wisely. OK let?s not go there.


The concept of bankruptcy isn't a pleasant one. Most folks consider it as a stigma and something to avoid an all costs.

Yes bankruptcy isn't something you should take lightly, but relying upon your present position it may be an excellent option. If you really feel you can't stay abreast of your debts then bankruptcy is truly something you should consider.

It may be possible to have your payment requirements reorganized and can really finish up having to pay only a fraction of what's owed. And usually you may be back onto your feet, with a brand new start within 5 years, with little impact on your credit score.

If course you need to do it correctly by contacting a good bankruptcy attorney to talk about the best course of action for you. But the reality is bankruptcy can be an option. For relieving all that stress and perhaps saving your folks and wedding.

Whatever you do you have to take action to get out of debt, relieve that stress, and move forward. In action will only make things worse.

Rick Hart is an online business advisor. He provides tools for bankruptcy attorneys in Tampa that help with bankruptcy, debt consolidation and foreclosures.

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An Plant to Help Diabetic issues patients Reduced System Sugars ...

The main way of remedies for a thousands individuals on the planet, is traditional therapeutic practises not european remedies. However, the use of traditional therapeutic practises is quickly improving in developing nations... we are now in the middle of a 'herbal renaissance'. In Chinese suppliers, traditional natural remedies records for up to 50% of their complete therapeutic use.

The Southern region Oriental all natural herb gurmar is often known as the 'slayer of sweetness'. Research assistance its traditional use in the therapy of diabetes.

Gymnema Sylvestre or Gurmar:

Also known by it's medical name, Gymnema sylvestre, gurmar dulls the choices for flavored sweet meals on your mouth. Although almost all the research of gurmar in changing flavor choices have been done with clinical creatures, the one research using individual volunteers verified that people too don't flavor sugar after your mouth has been touching gurmar.

Gurmar or Gymnema Sylvestre, has been examined in both Kind 1 and Kind 2 diabetics:

Type 1 diabetes: It is not, as sometimes revealed, a treat for insulin shots based mostly diabetes.

Kind 1 diabetics may be able to management their blood sugar levels with significantly less insulin shots if they take the all natural herb, but they will still need some shot insulin shots. One research discovered Kind 1 diabetics getting a Gymnema draw out for six to 8 several weeks had a 23% decrease in their starting a fast blood sugar levels therefore being able to decrease their insulin shots serving.

Type 2 diabetes: In a research of Kind 2 diabetics which took position for over 20 several weeks, individuals getting 400 mg each day of a Gymnema draw out (as a supplement to their traditional dental medications), had discount rates in their blood sugar levels.

The scientists also discovered a co.nsiderable decrease in their HbA1c levels.

One of the most amazing factors of the research was that 21 of the 22 individuals engaged significantly decreased their amounts of remedies and five handled to stop their remedies completely.

But only after getting the all natural herb for over 18 several weeks.

In Summary:

Since the value of gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre) is in eliminating your 'sweet tooth', it's better to use a tincture (which comes in real get in touch with with your tongue), than it is to take a tablet or a tablet. If you take gurmar for at least 18 several weeks, the capability of the try out tissues of your pancreatic may be improved so that you have better management over your blood sugar levels and less need for therapy.


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three Time Management Tips For The Self Employed Professional

HTML Ready Article. Click on the "Copy" button to copy into your clipboard.

By: Araceli Gonzalez

Learning to manage your time effectively as a self-employed professional can be the difference between success and failure. Without any pre-determined structure and at the mercy of others who depend on you to get their work done, managing your time can be a challenge. Regardless of the amount of work you currently have, or the amount of clients who seem to always need something right now, here are three tips that can help you take and keep control of your time and set parameters for success:

Set a work schedule: As a self-employed professional, not punching the clock may feel like a great benefit. However, in order to achieve more in less time, you have to set a work schedule that works with your current life responsibilities and work load and is consistent. For example, if you are a stay at home mom and a virtual assistant, your most productive hours may be when the children are in school or during nap times. Work out your weekly schedule based on two things: your workload and personal responsibilities.
Once you establish these parameters, make sure to let your clients know of your schedule.

Determine Response Guidelines: When a client or vendor sends you a new project to do, there is always an expectation to get it done fast. Guidelines of return need to be set from the beginning in order to prevent the client to feel frustrated due to a delay and you working late into the night to complete a project. Communicate with your clients the estimated time for email replies as well as work completion times. When you receive a new assignment, review it, and reply to the client with an estimated time of completion based on your schedule and workload. If the client agrees, you can work at your pace without feeling pressured.

Create a prioritization review process: Everyone's work is important and needs to be done fast. Therefore, it's up to you to set guidelines that help you determine which jobs jump the priority list. The review process can be based on either client preference or project importance. Whatever you choose, stick to the same priority technique. This will train your clients and train yourself. If you have a full plate with projects, be open and let your client know there will be a time delay. It's always better to under promise and over deliver.

As a self-employed professional, it's up to you to set yourself up for success. By taking the time to analyze your workload and time management strategies often, you will understand the true value of your time and your business decisions will reflect that. Remember, only you are responsible for your time investment; make sure it's spent wisely.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Mad Men Returns on Sunday [The Frisky] Demi Lovato Dedicates Next Single to Fans [HollyWire] Ray J Denies Sex Tape with Whitney Houston [Right Celebrity] [...]

Happy Friday! Stupid Celebrities Gossip Stupid Celebrities Gossip News


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

8 Affordable Retirement Hobbies

[ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['The charges signed against Bales include', 1]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '512', ' ', 'AP Photo/DVIDS\, Spc\. Ryan Hallock\, File', ], [ [['George Zimmerman', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10], ['prosecutor Francois Molins', 5]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Independent News & Media annual profit drops

[ [ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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We sometimes absence apt congratulate folk namely live surrounded other nations with special occasions Many folk send welcoming cards,air jordan shoes sale,only sending flowers namely a better access apt express your feelings and show your friends plus relatives that you are thinking about them. The majority of folk think that sending flowers overseas is a challenging plus weary task In truth this agenda namely very easy There are companies is can aid you bring flowers to approximately anybody nation amid the world,griffey 2012,whether it namely Latvia,air jordan retro, Russia,timberland, Ukraine,burberry bags sale,alternatively anyone other place These companies send orders to flower marts among other countries which convey flowers apt the recipients.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Search for Alien Life, Researchers Enlist Human Minds

[unable to retrieve full-text content]With new Web-based software called SETILive, an army of independent citizen-scientists are being recruited to detect unusual signals in space.


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asics ? Blog Archive ? air force one Finance Estate Plan Trusts ...

One access to safeguard your assets namely amongst offshore trusts. Trusts originated within medieval times when English nobles entrusted their lands and asset apt friends and other near relations along they went on crusade surrounded array apt assure is their families were invested for during their dearth Over time the Trust has developed into the official thing we know today. In the last few decades,burberry jackets, the offshore deem has transformed new However,air force one, its unfit and unlawful use along some has given it a wrong reputation for an asset protection tool. The misconception virtually offshore trusts comes about because many falsely trust is an offshore believe will avoid having apt expenditure income taxes.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Detoxify Your Communication - Improve Your Relationships (Part ...

Here is the follow-up to yesterday?s article on detoxifying your communication. JoJo Tabares, Healthy Communication Expert, brings you tips today on how to develop healthier communication in your relationships?let?s read:
3. How can you detoxify your communication?
* Check your attitude
The first step in detoxifying your communication or your words is to check your attitude before you speak. Are you angry with someone right now? Make sure you don?t take it out on those around you. Take care not to spill your venom all over the innocent.
* Soften your voice
Whether you are upset, hurried, harried or just naturally gruff, make your voice soft and gentle. The Bible has a lot to say on this topic. Here are a few scriptures: ?Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.? Colossians 4:6 ?Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.? Proverbs 16:24
* Relax your face and smile
There saying, ?Notify your face? comes to mind. Some people don?t mean to look mean but they just don?t naturally go through life with a big fat grin on their face. Others are in a bad mood. Simply relaxing your face and smiling will help you soften your voice and help your attitude.
* Insert a smiley face in your email or Facebook
Those smiley faces are a great invention for email and social media. Use them! They help to soften the written word where our ?listeners? cannot see our face, hear our tone of voice or see your sparkling eyes and gestures to help them evaluate the meaning behind our words. Use any characters at your disposal to soften and detoxify your words.
* choose your words wisely
Finally, choose your words wisely. Avoid words that inflame: hate, always, never, stupid, idiot, etc.
?You never take me anywhere!?
?You always do this to me!?
?I hate that song!?
Words like always and never imply that the person does evil things on purpose or has never done anything good. If you search your heart, you?ll probably find that just isn?t true, but if you use those words, it will always inflame the other party. ;D
Our words can be toxic whether we intend for them to be or not. Unfortunately, the effect is the same either way. Our words can inflame, accuse, blame and convict. However, there is a way to detoxify our communication by checking our attitude at the door, softening our voice, relaxing our face, smiling and choosing our words wisely.
What do you think, did any of these tips help you as you consider your communication? Let us know in the comments below, where you can also ask JoJo any questions you may have about this very important area of your health: your relationships!


JoJo Tabares holds a degree in Speech Communication, but it is her humorous approach to communication skills which has made her a highly sought-after Christian speaker and writer. Her articles appear in publications such as Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. You can read more on communication FUNdamentals and Christian-based communication skills for the whole family, at You can also find JoJo here in our community, sharing her expert communication skills and gifts with us!

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BPW Career Center: Real Estate/Property Management jobs, Eden ...

About Pinnacle.

We invest in great people. That's why clients trust us with their real estate investments!
At Pinnacle, we consider our employees our most valuable asset. In fact, our number one key business objective is to attract and retain the best talent in the industry! At Pinnacle, the key to our continued success and competitive advantage is our people.

We offer a total compensation and benefits package to help with your needs today and build for your future tomorrow. We recognize that each employee is an individual with individual needs, lifestyles, and interests. Our benefits package was created with the flexibility to support employees who are at different places in their lives and careers.

Pinnacle values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity in employment. We offer a safe, healthy work environment for employees through a commitment to maintaining a drug-free workplace.
Pinnacle has ongoing employment opportunities at our headquarters in Seattle, our more than 40 branch office locations nationally and our many managed communities throughout the country.

Pinnacle is the national leader in third-party fee management of investment real estate encompassing multi-family, commercial space, affordable housing and military housing. Pinnacle is built on four basic principles:

  • Quality people
  • Strong customer service
  • Solid market knowledge
  • Superior systems and support capabilities

    At Pinnacle, success is about more than having a healthy bottom line. Guided by our principles and values, we are committed to making Pinnacle an amazing and unique place to work for each member of our team.

    About the job..

    As a Leasing Consultant at Pinnacle you will play an important role with the onsite management team. Our Leasing Consultants look forward to working with an exceptionally skilled and highly trained team, geared to support your efforts to be successful. Our Leasing Consultants are people who make a big impact in many small ways - a friendly smile, a welcoming handshake, a genuine interest in the people walking through the property office door. Our Leasing Consultants create a positive and lasting influence on visitors, prospects and residents, and understand the importance of first impressions.

    As a Leasing Consultant, you manage your own success by attaining leasing goals, such as occupancy and rent growth, and by building rapport with prospects and residents.

    Essential Responsibilities:

  • Generate interest in the community by touring the property with prospects as you answer questions about the numerous amenities, local community and beautiful grounds.
  • Drive the sale by highlighting the quality of the community and the lifestyle available Pinnacle apartment home.
  • Assist prospects in qualifying for an apartment home by collecting appropriate information and initiating background checks.
  • Ensure apartments are prepared for move-in.
  • Deliver unmatched service to residents to exceed their expectations, while maintaining resident retention.
  • You will also use your attention to detail, planning and organizing skills to perform required office activities and coordinate paperwork related to apartment home rentals.

    Personal Competencies:

  • Articulate
  • Organized/Detail Oriented
  • Customer oriented
  • Persuasive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Team player
  • Goal oriented


  • High School or equivalent, Bachelor's Degree is preferred.
  • Minimum of one year experience in a customer service or sales position
  • Basic computer skills in a Windows environment.
  • Effective communication and customer service skills.
  • Ability to interact with others in a team environment.

    Pinnacle has grown to become America's largest apartment manager through many different successes. Yet, in today's ultra-competitive market, each success must fuel the next and speed is essential in the ongoing race to lead the industry.

    If you are ready to work hard and be empowered and encouraged to innovate, contribute ideas and discover solution to provide current and potential residents with unparalleled, world class customer service please click Apply Online.

  • Source:

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    Monday, March 19, 2012

    Original Einstein manuscripts to be posted online

    (AP) ? All 80,000 items in Albert Einstein's archives, including personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers and a poignant postcard to his ailing mother, are going online.

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the Einstein collection, is slowly uploading high resolution photographs of scientific papers, letters on social issues including nuclear disarmament and the Arab-Israeli conflict, and other texts.

    Archivists said Monday's launch of the online repository will give scholars around the world direct access to Einstein's papers.

    Most have been locked in storage at the university and only half of the collection appears online.

    The university has also published a complete inventory of all 80,000 items in the Einstein collection.

    Associated Press


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    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma City | Phoenix AZ Bankruptcy Attorney ...

    Divorce Lawyer In Oklahoma

    This is an educational bankruptcy video suggesting that you not permit a judgment to be taken against you prior to a bankruptcy, and the effect of a pre-petition judgment in a Complaint to Figure out Regardless of whether a Debt Should Be Discharged my firm is a debt relief agency and I assist folks and organizations file for bankruptcy.

    Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma CityIrrespective of no matter whether it is an concern of adaptation, bankruptcy, civil rights, health-related malpractice or any point else, if you are in Oklahoma and hunting for some legal assistance, a expert Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma can come at your service to save the day. Even so, taking into consideration the massive number of Lawyer In Oklahoma, locating the appropriate service provider to serve the purpose can be tricky if you do not have an individual in your list already.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    So one of the easy methods to commence your search for a Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma can be by consulting with someone near to you who has some expertise about dealing with an Oklahoma attorney. You can also consider and seem for some on the internet discussion boards that may possibly have a separate thread or area where they talk about about the renowned Lawyer In Oklahoma. Online communities like the discussion boards or any other kinds of social networking internet sites can be a great source of details in this kind of circumstances.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    Loved ones law is the name provided to the branch of civil law that a household lawyer or a loved ones attorney covers, like the legal relationships among household members, like husbands, wives, dad and mom, kids, and domestic partners. A family law Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma or a household law lawyer specializes in family law relationships this kind of as adoption, child custody, visitation rights, domestic violence, divorce, juvenile dependency and delinquency, marital home rights, support obligations, and paternity. Since these personalized relationships are governed by state law, what constitutes ?family members law? may possibly vary from state to state.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    Immigration law is the title offered to the branch of law that covers US citizenship, reduction of citizenship, and the admission and removal of aliens. Legal immigration requires immigrants such as individuals searching for a long term residence card or ?green card,? and non-immigrants, persons seeking temporary entry to the U.S. below a non-immigrant visa category. Immigration also encompasses asylum, naturalization, denaturalization, deportation, as effectively as immigration crimes, such as illegal immigration, or aliens who enter the U.S. and receive perform illegally much more at Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    Bankruptcy, in general terms, is when you cannot shell out your bills and you?re being hounded to pay them. This is a legal proceeding exactly where the courts step in to discharge, or eliminate your debts, far more information in Lawyer in Oklahoma City.
    In most situations, declaring bankruptcy is voluntary, nevertheless, some creditors can make the organization or man or woman who owes money (debtor) go into bankruptcy.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    Criminal Law is the name provided to the branch of law that governs an individual?s relationship to the state. It contains the definitions of criminal offenses, which are typically established by Congress or state legislatures. The term ?criminal law? also encompasses the rights of an accused and the criminal approach, such as arrest, arraignment, grand juries, pleas, discovery, pretrial hearings, trials, jury choice, proof, motions, and posttrial treatments. The primary purpose of the criminal law is to set forth the punishment for criminal offenses. In purchase to prove any crime, no matter how serious, the prosecutor must demonstrate that the accused committed a guilty act with a guilty mind past a reasonable doubt.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma

    The term divorce refers to the dissolution or the legal finish of a marriage. Every state has its personal requirements governing when a divorce may be granted, including a residency requirement and grounds or a cause for the divorce. There are both fault-based mostly and no-fault based mostly grounds for divorce. These, too, differ from state to state although ?irreconcilable differences? and ?irretrievable breakdown? are frequent no-fault grounds for divorce. The 50 states also fluctuate with respect to the division of the marital house, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child assistance.

    Divorce Lawyer In Oklahoma

    But make confident that the source from which you are acquiring the details is a reputable one particular to locate the correct Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma who will be ready to assist you with your legal need to have.

    Divorce Attorney In Oklahoma


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    In France presidential battle lines drawn on austerity

    PARIS (Reuters) - France's main presidential candidates have drawn clear battle lines over austerity, Europe and Germany as opinion polls show the gap between them narrowing five weeks before the first round of voting.

    Socialist challenger Francois Hollande, whose wide poll lead over conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy has shrunk in the last week, raised the stakes in a television appearance on Thursday after winning public support from German and Spanish opposition leaders for his stance.

    Hollande said that if elected he would not submit a German-inspired European treaty enforcing strict budget discipline for ratification unless it were "completed" by a growth component.

    "We have to put growth back into Europe and we should adapt our deficit-reduction targets accordingly," the Socialist told France-2 television.

    Sarkozy has said France cannot reopen a treaty that has been signed by 25 countries, but Hollande said he intended to "change the direction of the continent" and renegotiate the fiscal pact.

    German Social Democratic party leader Sigmar Gabriel and Spanish Socialist chief Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba endorsed Hollande's call to add pro-growth amendments to the treaty.

    Sarkozy's supporters accused Hollande of pandering to voters by abandoning France's pledge to cut its budget deficit.

    Invoking the famous "J'accuse" cry of 19th century author Emile Zola, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said in the daily Le Figaro: "I accuse the Socialist candidate of having deliberately chosen to give up on lowering the deficit. I accuse him of not wanting to lower state spending for fear of upsetting people.

    "I accuse him of having given up respecting France's European commitments," Fillon said, warning that any backsliding could reignite the euro zone's debt crisis.

    Hollande insists he will stick to the current government's promises to reduce the deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product in 2013 but will take a year longer than Sarkozy has pledged to achieve a balanced budget, aiming for 2017.

    The Institut Montaigne public policy think-tank said in an audit that Hollande had overestimated future revenues by 15 percent. Sarkozy has not yet published a full program so his figures cannot be audited, it said.


    Because of a two-round voting system, in which the top two candidates meet in a runoff on May 6, both Sarkozy and Hollande first have to knock more radical contestants on the right and left out of the race.

    Sarkozy has sought to win back voters from far-right anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen by threatening to pull out of Europe's open-border zone unless external border controls are toughened, and to impose unilateral trade barriers unless the EU imposes tougher reciprocity rules in public procurement.

    Le Pen is running third with about 16 percent of the vote.

    But by shifting to the right, the president risks alienating centrist voters backing centrist candidate Francois Bayrou, credited with about 12 percent in the polls.

    Sarkozy's mercurial temper got the better of him when he called a reporter a "couillon" (prick) for asking him about the use of tear gas against protesting steelworkers near his campaign headquarters on Thursday. He later apologized.

    Hollande, for his part, has tried to stem rising support for hard left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon - hovering around 10 percent - by proposing a 75 percent top income tax rate on earnings over 1 million euros a year, and by demanding a renegotiation of the fiscal pact.

    "Germany should not decide the direction of Europe alone," Hollande said in his television interview, playing on concerns that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is imposing austerity across the continent at the expense of growth and jobs.

    With candidates required to submit 500 nominating signatures from elected officials by a 6 p.m. (1700 GMT) deadline on Friday, Sarkozy received a small boost when bitter rival, former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said he would fall short.

    Villepin, a conservative Gaullist close to ex-President Jacques Chirac, who had barely 1 percent support in opinion polls, refused to endorse any other contender, but his exit means less division on the mainstream right.

    Sarkozy overtook Hollande for the first time this week in voting intentions for the April 22 first round in one opinion poll and drew level in another.

    However, several other surveys gave the Socialist a first-round lead and all polls still show him beating the incumbent by a margin of at least eight points in the runoff.

    Villepin's fall means there are likely to be 10 candidates, including two Trotskyists, a Green, an anti-euro sovereignist, and maverick Jacques Cheminade, an associate of U.S. conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.

    The official campaign begins next Tuesday, with candidates' television time rationed to strict equality.

    (Additional reporting by Vicky Buffery, Emmanuel Jarry and Elizabeth Pineau; Writing by Paul Taylor; editing by Janet McBride)


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